Reflect on the Essay

Well what would we have here we have a reflection on the Essay? I say I did okay on the essay but there was many things I could of done better such as structuring the paragraphs better and making my thesis statement more recognizable and just a general cleaning of my sentence structure. I think this has helped me identify what I truly need to work on when it comes to the process of creating a research paper for the University. I don’t really know what else to write about considering the main things I had problems with were stated maybe a few more sources could have been added onto it to give it more of a professional outlook.

Being very resourceful

The first couple of days researching my subject has had little to no success so I have decided to change the topic from anonymous users on Reddit to doxing on websites. So that is why the other posts may be different than the one you are reading right now.  The source I have chosen for my one source is named Doxing: a conceptual analysis, which explains all the kinds of

The source I have chosen for my one source is named Doxing: a conceptual analysis, which explains all the kinds of doxing and the reasons to doxing  as well as the morality of doxing and when it is okay to dox.  The author is named Dr. David Michael Douglas he is a researcher at the department of philosophy at the University of Twente in Netherlands, he normally writes about internet issues and the morality of people on the Internet from what his other papers are on. The reasons that a person can be doxed is as the author states for Targeting, Deanonymization, and Delegitimization. He states for most of the article that the thing that causes people to dox the most is public interest which can be related to all the reasons a person can be doxed such as wanting to know who the person is so they can target them. He explains two situations between the creator of bitcoin and a user on Reddit where he states that there is no real reason to dox the creator of bitcoin to figure out the reason they created the bitcoin other than personal interest, while the Reddit user has created and moderated subreddits that had hate speech and enforces hate speech on it. While he did say doxing is a way to remove the anonymous screen from the Reddit user in order to make them not be able to say the hate speech without being affected in real life, this is effective to get them to stop but they could also have Reddit take down all the forms of hate speech from their profile. Overall the article explained how doxing can be legitimate and be used to stop forms of hate crime but it can also be used for Targeting which would harm the person in real life and create a danger similar to gamergate situation. This will be one of my most useful articles in the research paper.

Here is the link to the article

Search for the research

Coming up with a research topic is a tough thing to do considering that when I find one too broad I change it to be way too specific, but I think I have finally found a topic that may be okay to research.  It relates to my previous post about being anonymous on the internet on many different sites having an online persona that is different than your real self. Now the difference about it is that I am seeing how it is changed throughout the users on Reddit and how it can make people either more serious on the internet or they could just say more revealing things about themselves and keep a whole post about their insecurities, which is interesting because most of the people on there would rather trust some random person on Reddit who Read-it and take advice from them. I just want to know how that being anonymous affects the choices that people make on Reddit.




Anyways not really any puns today besides one I probably used before and for the picture it doesn’t relate at all I just like how it looks.

Beyond the Topics

The selection for the topics I can research on are amazing! Most of the topics I am interested in are about websites I am frequently on, so I would like to understand them better. Such as the Reddit posters will publish stories based on how the perceive themselves this one right when I read-it I knew exactly what it was talking about, usually people who post stories on reddit that are about a situation they need help in they will almost always perceive themselves as the one in the right. However the people in the comments are left to help the poster understand that maybe they are not completely right.

Another topic that interested me was how do YouTubers maintain a steady job, this one was interesting to me because some people are able to gain sudden popularity on YouTube expect to have it as their jobs for a very long time but that only happens to a select few of really big YouTubers I am wondering how did the ones that have kept a long lasting jobs there how did they do it? Another question I had for this topic is how does a YouTuber that gains sudden popularity then suddenly doesn’t get many views on their videos anymore how would they recover or what do they try to do to keep YouTubing their job, how would it change their point of view on life making them feel insignificant?

The last topic I was interested in was how does self presentation change when being on anonymous websites. This one was interesting because some people wouldn’t post things if they had their name or face on the comment or post itself so the anonymous websites would be their way of saying things they otherwise wouldnt be comfortable with sharing if they had their face on it. Lets face it people are more brutally honest or express opinions that may not be morally right on anonymous websites because there is almost no repercussion besides maybe some upset comments against them or being downvoted. This topic relates to the Reddit one up above because Reddit does not have any personal information on your profile unless you would share it any many parts of it doesn’t want any personal information at all or it will get deleted, so with this people are more likely to lie about themselves since only their profile will be accused of lying and it won’t harm their self image.

Anyways that is the topics I am interested in this may be a bit more serious than the last one but I put in some puns as well. I chose the picture at the top because  It connected to the topic on two or tree levels that it shows the bird like the anonymous users would like to be seen, where you can get a basic idea of what they are but you never do get the actual details of what they look like or exactly who they are.

*Record scratch* *Freeze frame* Yup, that’s me.

For my first post I would like to first say how I am glad to finally get this website up and running for my Beyond the Selfie class. There may be a few puns in this I’m sorry I can’t control my Self-ie. I am taking the class because well they set me up with the class but I learned that it is about a subject I’m interested in so I hit the jackpot! There are many things that I am interested in learning for this class but the thing I am most excited for is the week about fan culture because fan cultures can get pretty crazy online and I think it will be fan-tastic. The things I expect to get out of college is honestly to know more things for Computer Science and to better myself as a programmer so that’s why I am going through this program. Anyways here’s a picture I took a while back hopefully you guys red this post and enjoyed it. (Anything italicized is a pun or horrible play on words not a error.)

I'm going to post a picture I have taken with every post.
I’m going to post a picture I have taken with every post.