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The first couple of days researching my subject has had little to no success so I have decided to change the topic from anonymous users on Reddit to doxing on websites. So that is why the other posts may be different than the one you are reading right now.  The source I have chosen for my one source is named Doxing: a conceptual analysis, which explains all the kinds of

The source I have chosen for my one source is named Doxing: a conceptual analysis, which explains all the kinds of doxing and the reasons to doxing  as well as the morality of doxing and when it is okay to dox.  The author is named Dr. David Michael Douglas he is a researcher at the department of philosophy at the University of Twente in Netherlands, he normally writes about internet issues and the morality of people on the Internet from what his other papers are on. The reasons that a person can be doxed is as the author states for Targeting, Deanonymization, and Delegitimization. He states for most of the article that the thing that causes people to dox the most is public interest which can be related to all the reasons a person can be doxed such as wanting to know who the person is so they can target them. He explains two situations between the creator of bitcoin and a user on Reddit where he states that there is no real reason to dox the creator of bitcoin to figure out the reason they created the bitcoin other than personal interest, while the Reddit user has created and moderated subreddits that had hate speech and enforces hate speech on it. While he did say doxing is a way to remove the anonymous screen from the Reddit user in order to make them not be able to say the hate speech without being affected in real life, this is effective to get them to stop but they could also have Reddit take down all the forms of hate speech from their profile. Overall the article explained how doxing can be legitimate and be used to stop forms of hate crime but it can also be used for Targeting which would harm the person in real life and create a danger similar to gamergate situation. This will be one of my most useful articles in the research paper.

Here is the link to the article

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