*Record scratch* *Freeze frame* Yup, that’s me.

For my first post I would like to first say how I am glad to finally get this website up and running for my Beyond the Selfie class. There may be a few puns in this I’m sorry I can’t control my Self-ie. I am taking the class because well they set me up with the class but I learned that it is about a subject I’m interested in so I hit the jackpot! There are many things that I am interested in learning for this class but the thing I am most excited for is the week about fan culture because fan cultures can get pretty crazy online and I think it will be fan-tastic. The things I expect to get out of college is honestly to know more things for Computer Science and to better myself as a programmer so that’s why I am going through this program. Anyways here’s a picture I took a while back hopefully you guys red this post and enjoyed it. (Anything italicized is a pun or horrible play on words not a error.)

I'm going to post a picture I have taken with every post.
I’m going to post a picture I have taken with every post.

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