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Coming up with a research topic is a tough thing to do considering that when I find one too broad I change it to be way too specific, but I think I have finally found a topic that may be okay to research.  It relates to my previous post about being anonymous on the internet on many different sites having an online persona that is different than your real self. Now the difference about it is that I am seeing how it is changed throughout the users on Reddit and how it can make people either more serious on the internet or they could just say more revealing things about themselves and keep a whole post about their insecurities, which is interesting because most of the people on there would rather trust some random person on Reddit who Read-it and take advice from them. I just want to know how that being anonymous affects the choices that people make on Reddit.




Anyways not really any puns today besides one I probably used before and for the picture it doesn’t relate at all I just like how it looks.

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